Friday, July 26, 2013

Child safety cap for the top rail of your swimming pool - DIY

by Debra Anchors

This may be a bit of a stretch to use as an upcycled garden style topic, but I have a swimming pool tucked into my gardens so am including this DIY upcycle project here. Even if I had been able to find something at retail, I doubt if it would have cost less than $30!

I was concerned that our little people would catch their fingers on the metal top rail of the swimming pool so I constructed a cushioned guard that not only covers any sharp metal joints, but also serves as a bumper of sorts. Do you notice the potential hazard for little fingers here?

Ours is an 18 foot diameter pool, so I picked-up Wacky Noodle Floats from a discount dollar store, enough to cover the top rail of our swimming pool.  Find the circumference of your pool by multiplying pi by the diameter of your pool (or in this case, 3.14 x 18 ft. = 56.52 ft.). To determine the number of pool noodles you will need, take the circumference of your pool (feet) and multiply by 12 (to find number of inches). Divide that sum by the length of your pool noodle (in inches). Purchase a few more wacky noodles than you need so you can fit the ends together snuggly.

I used a firm yardstick to mark and ensure a straight line on each noodle.  If your line is not straight, you will have a challenge getting each noodle to fit the rail without twisting.  Carefully cut along each line with a utility knife.

Once you have your noodle floats cut, you are ready to install them around the top rail of your pool.

The noodles do tend to “shrink” a bit in the sun. Be certain to squeeze the seams together as much as possible.


If you have more Wacky Noodle Float material than you need, when you reach the end of your circumference, just cut off the excess with your utility knife.

What do you think?

Note:  For convenience, I have embedded links into the materials list & instructions that will take you to the products used in this project.

Recycle, upcycle and do it yourself? Absolutely! Have you upcycled something unique for your garden from recycled materials? Please share it with me so I can feature your creation here.

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